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Qatar Airways Resume Flights To Saudi Arabia


Qatar Airways flights to the United Arab Emirates on triple flights. In most international flights you will find information about flights to Riyadh, and flights to Dammam and Jeddah that are available at this time. If it interests you and you want to take Qatar Airways Cheap Flights, consider reading the complete story of the news below.

The News:

Qatar Airways has announced it will resume flights to Saudi Arabia from Monday, January 11, the final step forward since the signing of the AlUla Peace Agreement that ended the rift between:

  • Doha.
  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • The United Arab Emirates.
  • Bahrain.
  • Egypt.

The airline announced on Twitter that it will start operating flights to:

  • Riyadh on Monday.
  • Jeddah on Thursday 14 January.
  • Dammam on Saturday 16 January.

Now you can check Lahore to Doha ticket price as well because now you will be able to take further flights to travel between the whole Arab regions by taking Qatar Airways Cheap Flights easily.

The Flights Resumption:

According to the social media release, the resumption of flights between Qatar and Saudi Arabia will start with daily flights to Riyadh, four weekly flights to Jeddah, and daily flights to Dammam. Then, Saudi, the realm's public aircraft, additionally reported that it will be working week after week departures from Jeddah and Riyadh from eleventh January.

Speaking about the decision to resume flights to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the GCEO of Qatar Airways said that the company is very pleased with the positive outcome of the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) summit and the final decision to open borders with Qatar.

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Saudi Arabia has overtaken other countries in terms of restoring relations and opening up airspace. Now we have seen similar announcements for the other three countries as well. One of the things this shows us is that Qatar Airways is keen to resume its flights for all the passengers of the GCC regions as soon as possible.

IATA(International Air Transport Association), has already forecasted a loss of about 7.1 billion US dollars to Middle East airlines this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, also welcomed the imminent resumption of flights between the Gulf countries and Qatar.

IATA's regional vice president, Muhammad Al Bakri, who represents the Middle East and Africa, said that the re-opening of Qatar airspace is good news as the following countries step ahead for that:

  • Saudi Arabia.
  • Bahrain.
  • The United Arab Emirates.
  • Egypt.

Passengers and the aviation industry during this period had to face a very hard time but thankfully they can now take Qatar Airways Cheap Flights easily.

Effects of the Resumption:

It's exciting to see the end of the Bay lockdown. Not only are we seeing the lifting of airspace restrictions, but we are also seeing Qatar Airways re-connecting to Saudi Arabia within days. We would expect flights to other countries with the blockade to resume within a few days. This is fantastic news as it gives passengers greater access to one of the best airlines in the world as Qatar Airways is also a great way to get to Egypt, UAE, etc.

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