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New International Travel Update For All Inbound Passengers


As we all know that the world is suffering from the second wave of COVID-19. Yet again the United Kingdom is one of those countries which is affected by it the most. Now the prime minister of the United Kingdom had to announce another yet strict lockdown to keep the people safe from catching the virus. The country has also announced the international travel update for all the inbound passengers to England. Keep on reading this article to find out if you can go for British Airways cheap flight booking or not.

Latest International Travel Update:

According to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the world is facing an increase in COVID-19 cases. He added that it’s imperative and more important than ever to take the necessary measures to control the spread of COVID-19.

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The Prime Minister of the UK said that the government and authorities have already put strong and necessary safeguards in place. it also includes the basic requirement of the necessary ten days of self-quarantine for almost all the passengers arriving in England. It will help the country to recover from the current devastating and difficult situation.

Test to Release:

The Prime Minister added that the authorities have also successfully launched a very effective test to release scheme. It allows travelers taking British Airways cheap flight booking to the UK to reduce their quarantine duration for five days. Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that the pre-departure testing for the COVID-19 has not been removed and all the passengers travelling from non-exempted destinations need to quarantine for ten days. However, they can still opt for the test to release to reduce their quarantine time.

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Additional Protection Layers:

The Prime Minister also said that the COVID-19 has already mutated to a dangerous extent most probably. That’s why the country will take additional steps in the form of an additional security and protection layer. It will make sure to safeguard the health of the passengers. For that matter, the country will introduce on 15th January pre-departure testing requirements. It will be applied to all the inbound travelers arriving in England.

It surely will be an extra and necessary requirement that will be strictly applied to all travelers taking British Airways cheap flight booking to England, including those travelling from a corridor country other than those whose list is very short. This additional layer of protection complements the existing self-insulation requirements. The country will also specify what information passengers will need to carry with them at check-in and at the United Kingdom border to show that they have passed a qualifying negative test. This includes the assembly data fields that must contain the test result certificates.

The New Rules Will Continue to Be in Place if Required:

The Prime Minister also informed people that the government and authorities have worked closely with the international travel sector throughout the pandemic and will continue to do so once the country breaks out of the blockade and can encourage people to travel again with full confidence.

The country will also continue to implement the recommendations set out in the Global Travel Task force report to support the safe recovery of international travel. Providing a safe, effective vaccine is also the best way to protect the most vulnerable, save thousands of lives, and support the lifting of many restrictions and return to international travel. The authorities are already making tremendous progress, including vaccinating more people than the rest of Europe combined.

Shortly, our priority must be to protect public health and the NHS (United Kingdom National Health Service).

With the addition of pre-departure testing requirements, our already robust protection system against imported coronavirus cases has been further strengthened and will provide the greatest overall protection against transmission risks when travelling to England and upon arrival.

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