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Abu Dhabi Has Been Announced To Be Reopened For Tourism


Many places are opening as they have somewhat recovered from COVID-19. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they have recovered from the global pandemic completely but they are doing so to run their economies better. The same is the case with Abu Dhabi which is now open to tourists. Now you can take Etihad airways flights to reach Abu Dhabi whenever you want and you won’t be needing the COVID-19 test. But wait, this offer might not be applied to you as there is a whole list of the countries that can avail of this offer. Keep on reading this article to find out if you fall on this side or the other side.

The News:

Abu Dhabi reopened to tourism on December 24 and allows all eligible countries for visas upon arrival to visit, with a green list of 16 countries eligible that can have air travel for entry into the quarantine free zone. At a time with nearly every country announcing new flight closures, restrictions, and cancellations, Abu Dhabi's reopening is positive news in an otherwise gloomy travel environment, even if entry requirements are a bit complex.

What Do Authorities Say?

According to the authorities, the government and health authorities of Abu Dhabi have implemented the highest possible safety standards, and its guidelines remain stringent and effective, allowing us to accept international travelers without endangering public health. Their new Go Safe certificate is a confirmation from health and safety inspectors that the following fully meet safety standards.

  • Hotels.
  • Cultural facilities.
  • Entertainment facilities.
  • Shopping centers.
  • Other hotel and tourist facilities.
  • Only this way the tourists will be allowed to return with confidence.

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The List of the Green Countries:

Countries considered "safe" have been placed on the Abu Dhabi Department of Health "green" list and will renew every two weeks. Any traveler from a country on the green list will not have to meet the quarantine requirements and will only be subject to the testing requirements. Currently, the green list of countries that can take Etihad airways flights to visit Abu Dhabi under the offerings mentioned above includes:

  • Vietnam.
  • Uzbekistan.
  • Thailand.
  • Tajikistan.
  • Taiwan.
  • Singapore.
  • Saudi Arabia.
  • New Zealand.
  • Mauritius.
  • Malaysia.
  • Hong Kong.
  • Greenland.
  • Greece.
  • China.
  • Brunei.
  • Australia.

Greece is Also on the Green List:

It is suspected that Greece's green listing in Abu Dhabi is due to reciprocity and not to the epidemiological status of the country, which has a much higher number of cases than other countries on the list. Greece was the only European country to allow visitors to opt for air travel from the United Arab Emirates where the UAE appears to be reaching out to Greece in reciprocity for re-opening Abu Dhabi. The majority of the nation’s not on the green rundown can in any case head out to Abu Dhabi as long as they fit the bill for a visa on appearance and consent to meet the 10-day isolate prerequisite.

Testing Requirements:

Test Upon Arrival:

Upon arrival, all passengers will also receive a COVID-19 PCR test. Even if you are traveling from a country on the green list, you need to isolate until test results are available, usually 12-24 hours.

Before Flight:

To board your flight to Abu Dhabi, all passengers must complete a PCR test no later than 96 hours before departure and provide proof of negative results.

Test on Eighth Day for Quarantine Countries:

Travelers who arrive from countries NOT on the green list and who are required to undergo 10-day quarantine must perform a PCR test on the eighth day of their trip to be released from quarantine on day 10 and have a wristband removed.

Test on Sixth Day and Twelfth Day for Green Countries:

Travelers who come from the green countries and are therefore released from the 10days quarantine must also undergo a PCR test on the Sixth and Twelfth day of travel.

Vaccine Exceptions:

Abu Dhabi announced that any UAE resident who participates in vaccination trials or the National Immunization Program will also be released from quarantine, even if they are from a country outside the green list. Currently, this only applies to residents of the United Arab Emirates but shows some progress with countries starting to modify entry requirements based on vaccine exposure.

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