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PIA Has Been Ranked As One Of The Best Airlines In The World


The national flag carrier of Pakistan has been ranked as one of the best airlines in the whole world that also offer PIA flights by ensuring the safety of travellers.

There was a time when PIA was known to be the best airline in the whole world. The country's national flag carrier is getting back to its previous rankings, and in the last two decades, things went gone. That’s because it has now been ranked as one of the best airlines in Pakistan and worldwide.

Moreover, the PIA flight tickets that passengers buy are also considered safe because the airline has also received safety ratings from Europe. It is one of the country's biggest national flag carrier achievements, and if you are a citizen of Pakistan, you should be proud of this amazing news.

If you want to know more about it, then consider reading this post till the very end. You can book cheap flights with the PIA's confidence to travel to your favourite destinations without worrying about safety. So, let’s jump into it.

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PIA is one of the Safest Airlines in the World!

The officials from the country's national flag carrier, PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), have recently announced that the PIA has successfully managed to achieve the rank of being one of the best airlines in the entire world. The officials also mentioned that the PIA flights have also achieved the perfect safest ratings from Europe.

It was achieved after the audit that the SAFA (Safety Audit for Foreign-Origin Aircraft), a safety watchdog, performed the airline's audit. SAFA is a European company that rates different airlines in the world based on their safety measures.

SAFA Audits!

Safety Audit for Foreign-Origin Aircraft performs the safety audits periodically and checks all the airlines that are not based in Europe. The company has its teams in different airports across the globe. It performed the safety measures of PIA flights. The company was observing the national carrier of Pakistan since the scandal regarding the license of pilots rose. Keep in mind that the company performed an extensive audit of the airline flights of the country's national flag carrier.

SAFA recorded no Findings!

However, because Safety Audit for Foreign-Origin Aircraft has recorded zero finds in the previous few weeks, it has reduced its safety danger index to 0, a flawless score. The chief executive officer of the national flag carrier and the retired Air Marshal, Mr. Arshad Malik, expressed his gratitude to Almighty Allah for the countless blessings and complimented the Pakistan International Airlines team on their earnest efforts in earning the best safety ratings.

Remarks of the CEO of PIA!

Mr. Arshad Malik stated that, after the restructure of the Safety Department of Pakistan International Airlines, more severe in-house safety inspections are now being performed on all foreign flights. In Pakistan International Airlines, an entirely new culture regarding safety awareness and standards has been properly implemented, with special career incentives and focus offered to staff. They adhere to the culture and ensure safety in each PIA online flight or any other.


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