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Qatar Airways Is Surpassing All The Other Airlines In Offering Seats


Do you travel a lot with Qatar Airways? If so, then there is excellent news for you, and Qatar Airways will increase its seats.

Qatar Airways is planning to offer more air travel eats than any other airline based on ASKs (available seat kilometres). According to the OAG specialist's data, the airline carrier will successfully operate more than two and a half billion "available on seat kilometres" in the current month (March 2021). Not only will it make the airline's position more potent, but it will also help travellers around the world. They are stuck somewhere or generally can't travel because of the pandemic.

Details of the News!

All the airlines across the globe are recovering differently depending upon their unique situation. But the fact of the matter is that Qatar Airways has already achieved more than 70 per cent of its flight schedule compared to the conditions before the pandemic. The airline is currently operating more than one thousand flights every week and reaching about one hundred and thirty destinations. These flights will be responsible for managing about 2.6 billion available seat kilometres. It shows the total number of kilometres that the airline has flown.

The CEO of Qatar Airways has said that the airline is dedicated to becoming the one on which passengers can rely on. The airline is increasing its customers, but it also operates with the highest bio-safety standards and hygiene. The OAG stats show the airline's mission to become the airline on which the trade partners and air travellers can rely.

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Strong Recovery by the Airline!

Qatar Airways has been making a social recovery since the peak of the global pandemic. The official sources' data show that the airline was still operating about 70 per cent of its total flight capacity during the worst period of COVID-19. It was 16th to 22nd April 2020.

However, with time, Air Travel traffic is also increasing dramatically with a 66 per cent total growth year on year. It simple equates to about a 29 per cent decrease as compared to the same week of 2019.

Many of the airlines across the globe grounded their fleets when the global pandemic was at its peak. On the other hand, Qatar airways kept its global network of core open to help travellers stuck in different places on the planet.

In May 2020, the airline was reaching about 30 different destinations and now its operating 130. The airline wasn't only recovering from the crisis in the last year, but it has also worked on expanding its code share agreements and launched some new routes.


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