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Turkey International Travel And Important COVID-19 Restrictions


If you want to book Lahore to Istanbul flights, it’s vital to understand Turkey's COVID-19 and quarantine restrictions. Find out more here.

The travel sector is return to small normalcy after months of inactivity owing to the growing pandemic. The borders are reopening, there are also relaxations on quarantine restrictions, and the travel bubbles are also being developed. Travellers worldwide are eager to learn whether, when, and where they can go overseas. Turkey is a country that has long been on many people's travel dream lists, and from Pakistan, people want to book Lahore to Istanbul flights.

If you’re one of those, then it’s essential to understand whether it is possible for anyone to fly to Turkey right now and the most crucial things travellers should know before flying to Turkey.

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Can You Travel to Turkey?

Turkey's air, sea, and land borders were reopened to all international travellers on June 12th, which means that people can now opt for Turkish Airlines flights to Turkey. You can fly to Turkey from any country as long as you follow Turkish immigration procedures, except the United Kingdom, Denmark, and South Africa. .You can travel free visa, with an e-visa, or with a sticker visa, depending on your place.

A complete list of visa policies can be found here and here. You'll only need to fill out the passenger locator form when you arrive. All foreign travellers aged six and older travelling to Turkey must have had a COVID-19 PCR test.

Check-in Requirements!

At the time of check-in, passengers must submit their test results to the airline. Passengers who do not provide a negative PCR test will be denied boarding the aircraft to Turkey. Until March 1, 2021, this requirement will be in effect.

Turkey is a popular tourist destination for visitors worldwide, thanks to the lifting of many of the country's travel restrictions. Turkey welcomed a large number of tourists from nations such as:

  • Russian Federation
  • Germany
  • Ukraine

Will You Need to Quarantine?

Travellers arriving in Turkey with Turkish Airlines flights or with any other airlines from the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Denmark will be needed to provide a negative test result obtained within the last 72 hours and quarantine in the area where they are staying. If the second test, which will be performed on the seventh day of their confinement, comes back negative, their quarantine will be lifted; if the test comes back positive, they will be treated.

Aside from those above, there are currently no quarantine restrictions for visitors visiting Turkey. At the departure terminal, you will be subjected to a temperature check and health monitoring.

Details of Testing!

You'll need to have a swab test if you experience signs of the condition. According to airport health officials, the samples are tested at airport laboratories, and the results are delivered within five hours.

If you're a foreigner and your test comes back positive, you'll be taken to a private hospital recommended by the Ministry of Health's Border Health Unit. The traveller is responsible for paying for treatment and lodging. Quarantine in state-run hospitals will be imposed on Turkish returns, escalating to mandatory quarantine.

Is Travelling to Turkey Safe?

The government has approved the Safe Tourism Certification Program, which was developed jointly of Foreign Affairs. Since April, international institutions have recognized airports, air carriers, and other modes of transportation inside the country and bars, restaurants, and lodging facilities that follow the required health and hygiene requirements.

The airports are taking every precaution to ensure the safety of their employees and visitors. There is a luggage sanitization X-ray facility, vending machines for personal protective equipment, contact less security checks, and so forth. Some essential details that you must know before booking your Lahore to Istanbul flights.


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