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Explore The Beauty Of Boston In 2021 With Turkish Airlines


If you want to book cheap flights to Boston this year to explore its beauty, then you are at the right spot. Find the best places that you must visit in 2021.

Boston is one of the most popular places in the United States and the whole world. People from around the globe take flights with their desired airlines, such as Turkish Airlines, to unveil the breathtaking beauty of this place. Suppose you want to be one of those this year but are confused about whether you should visit this place in 2021 or not, then worry not. That’s because we will share the best places in this city that will make your trip worthwhile.

One important thing that you need to bear in mind before we dive into further details is that you’ll need to follow all COVID-19 rules and restrictions strictly. Otherwise, you won’t be able to start your journey.

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Freedom Trail!

If you are a familiar with Boston, you would already know what Freedom Trail is. It is one of the most famous spots in the whole of Boston, visited by thousands of people. The best this about this spot is that it is only about 3 kilometres long, but it covers 16 different city landmarks. All the landmarks are essential in terms of local history, but they are also crucial in the basic history of the United States.

You will be guided along the way with the remarks available on the information board. We recommend you read those pieces of information to understand better what Freedom Trail is all about.

Castle Island!

Castle Island, as the name suggests, is one of the most visited Castles in the city. The most exciting fact about this spot is that it covers more than 8.9 hectares or 22 acres. It was created back in 1634, which means that it is also one of the oldest yet most beautiful castles located in that area. Visiting this place with cheap flights to Boston is no less than a treat as it tells you about the history of Boston and provides you with a great ambience and atmosphere that multiple enjoyable activities.

Quincy Market!

If you want to purchase goods for your loved ones, family member, or friends, then Quincy Market is the way to go. It was built back in the early 1800s, and it currently plays a vital role to meet the shopping needs of the people living in that area.

The most attractive part of this market is that it’s built with red bricks and granite. Moreover, it appears to be a Roman building because of its unique architecture and structural design. Primarily when the market was first established, people use to come here to buy fresh products. But now you can buy almost anything from here along with tasty meals.

Boston Public Garden!

When you grab your Turkish Airline tickets to Boston and feel like relaxing with your family or friends, then head towards Boston Public Garden. The fascinating fact about this garden is that it was built when there was no other botanical garden in the whole country. Yes, you heard it right. It’s a wide-open space that treats you amazingly. It has a wide variety of plants and some rare species as well, where you can go to feed your nature-loving appetite.

Franklin Park Zoo!

If you visit Boston this year with your family and kids, don’t forget to visit Franklin Park Zoo. It provides you with the best opportunity to explore the city with your little ones. It covers a staggering 29 hectares or 72 acres of space, and it was opened for the first time back in 1912. There are collectively more than 200 different animal species, including some of the rare ones. There are other parts of this zoo which are:

  • The Kalahari Kingdom
  • The Tropical Forest
  • The Outback Forest
  • The Bird’s World
  • The Serengeti Crossing

We recommend you visit all of them one by one to see all types and sizes of different animals. Moreover, the zoo also offers multiple places where you can eat and enjoy and have a nice little picnic with your family.

MIT Museum!

MIT museum is for all those people who love science in one way or the other. MIT stands for Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the factor that stands this museum out is that it’s one of the most famous and appreciated museums on the whole planet. It was created way back in 1971, and if you are a science student, then we recommend you to visit this place this year if you are planning to book cheap flights to Boston. It includes technology-themed artworks.

  • Robotics
  • Holograms
  • Rare books
  • Photography
  • Artificial intelligence

The MIT Museum, just like any other regular museum, offers a permanent display of the artefacts. But other than that, it provides a range of different and temporary exhibitions and presentations as well.

Newbury Street!

If you are looking forward to experiencing retail therapy, then there is no better place than Newbury Street of Boston. It’s also considered as one of the oldest, historical, and most exciting streets in the whole city. It flaunts brownstone architecture that also makes it the trendiest place that you must not skip. You can also find multiple types of spots such as:

  • High-end stores
  • Luxury boutiques
  • Independent retailers
  • Pop-up stores
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes

You can also explore Boston more in Newbury Street because it offers a great collection of different yet exciting art galleries.

Final Words!

These are the best place in Boston that provides you with the opportunity to explore the city in the best possible way. We recommend you to add these places to your list and visit them one by one if you are going to Boston this year, whether with your family, friends, or alone.


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