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Kuwait Airways Reopen Weekly Flights To London


If you are stuck in UAE, especially Kuwait, and want to take Best flights to London, there is excellent news. Find out more about that in this article.

The last two years are going down in history as the most devastating years of the 21st century. There is no doubt that the global pandemic has entirely changed how we used to live, socialise, travel, and celebrate. All the areas of our lives are heavily affected. The airline industry is one of the hardest hits by the pandemic, and people from many places still can’t even book flights to London (one of the most famous cities in the whole world).

Kuwait Airways Reopen its Flight Booking to London!

But there is excellent news for the people stuck in Kuwait and can’t book Kuwait Airways Cheap Flights even business to London. It is important to note that the airline had to suspend its operations towards London because of the covid-19 spread. But the news now has come directly from the officials that Kuwait is now reopening direct flights to London.

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A few days back, the meeting took place among the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kuwait government. The officials finally decide to resume the flight operation between Kuwait and London. It is important to note that now you can opt for Kuwait Airways Cheap Flights booking to London directly. Before, you could reach London from Kuwait, but it was not the direct flight process that is now possible.

Who Gave the Orders?

The official news state that the orders came directly from the official public body of the Sultanate. So, it means that the Government of Kuwait has issued the directions and DGCA (Directorate General for Civil Aviation) is now responsible for scheduling all the flights to London from Kuwait.

Who Can opt for Kuwait Airways Cheap Flights?

It is critical to keep in mind that the government has only allowed the airline to offer Kuwait Airways Cheap Flights booking for one flight per week at the start. Moreover, it is also equally important to note that only vaccinated travellers will opt for this service. But there are some exceptions, such as people with severe health conditions, pregnant women, children, and students studying abroad.

But pregnant women exempted from the vaccination law must have a valid certificate issued only by the Ministry of health. At the same time, people who want to enter Kuwait need to wait because the news regarding this is not yet announced.

Reopening Activities!

One of the most significant steps that the government of Kuwait has taken is reopening the cultural activities and museums after 1.5 years. In simple words, the sultanate is slowly reopening all the places and encouraging tourists activities but in a controlled environment. These steps are only being taken because more and more people from Kuwait are getting vaccinated.

Final Words!

So, if you want to book online flights to London, you can now quickly, but you must be vaccinated before that. Moreover, it would help if you also hurried because there is only one flight per week, which means that more people will be booking, delaying your plan.


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