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Independence Day And The Resumption Of British Airways


This Independence Day is coming with a lot of great news that will allow you to book British Airways Flights to and from Islamabad and London.

Every country tries to celebrate its Independence Day as much as possible. If you are from Pakistan then you would already know that the Independence Day of Pakistan is just ahead. If you are planning to book online flights from Islamabad to London then this article contains great news for you. On the other hand, if you want to travel to the United Kingdom then 14th August is also bringing something great in that regard.

If you want to know more about it then you have come to the right place. In this article, you will find when you will be able to book British Airways flights from Pakistan and how many discounts you will be able to get with Pakistan International Airlines. So, let’s get started.

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14th August the Independence Day of Pakistan!

Independence Day is one of the most important days for any country and the same is the case with Pakistan. It is the national day of Pakistan, which every year is celebrated with joy and patriotism on the 14th of August. Many people book air tickets from many cities to Islamabad or Lahore to enjoy the day to its fullest.

On this exact day back in 1947, Pakistan achieved independence from the British government in the sub-continent. Then Pakistan became the first Islamic country in the world. This day is an opportunity to encourage patriotism and national togetherness, as is the day of Pakistan.

The day begins with a federal 31 rifle greeting and in the provincial capitals, 21 rifle greets. At 9:59 am in Islamabad, a siren is heard and the traffic stops for a minute. Then, together with the national song, the President raises the national flag. On occasion, the President of the country also talks to the nation each year.

14th August and the Resumption of British Airways Flights!

As you would already know that all the operations of British Airways were halted to and from Pakistan because of the COVID-19. The airline resumed its flights a while ago but because of the increasing number of infected cases all the British Airways flights got halted. But according to the latest announcements by the airline, this will no more be the case very soon.

The Announcement by British Airways!

The officials from British Airways stated very recently that the country is going to resume its flights on this 14th August. It is a big surprise for the nation of Pakistan on one of the most important days. 14th August is the Independence Day of Pakistan and now you will be able to book flight tickets from Islamabad to London as well.

The officials also mentioned that there will be three direct flights each week that will fly from the London Heathrow airport and they will land in the Islamabad international airport. It was also mentioned that due to COVID-19 it was necessary to pause the flight operations. But now because of the COVID-19 vaccination, the danger of the virus spread is reducing and both of the nations need to continue their normal flights.

People will be able to book online flights with British Airway on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week. Each flight from the London Heathrow airport will depart at 20:30 and it will reach the international Islamabad airport at 04:20. The Flights from Islamabad will take off on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. They will depart from the Islamabad international airport at 06:15 and will reach the London Heathrow airport at 15:00.

State by British High Commission!

The British Airlines high commission in the capital city of Pakistan claimed in a statement recently that the direct flight's program to and from the Islamabad International Airport and London Heathrow Airport is about to resume. The spokespersons officially mentioned that this program is to commence three direct British Airways flights from London to Islamabad every week.

The airline has noted that the very first flight will take effect on 14th August in Islamabad from London Heathrow. It’s important to note that the program would take further precautionary steps to protect all the related staff and passengers.

It stated that further safeguards have been implemented to guarantee that travellers remain protected against COVID-19 during all flights.

Christian Turner’s Remarks!

Christian Turner who is the British High Commissioner CMG states that it is very important for the Pakistan-United Kingdom ties. The reopening of the United Kingdom’s major airline is a great boost for hundreds of thousands of passengers who are regularly travelling between both of the great nations by booking online flight tickets. The majority of the travelers in both of the countries were greatly disturbed because of the COVID-19. But now they will be able to book online British Airways flights from 14th August.

The Head of Sales Remarks!

Mr. Moran Birger who is the current head of sales of British Airways in the Middle East as well as the Asia Pacific said that he is more than happy for the resumption of the British Airways direct flights booking. He also said that the airline understands that most of its clients from Pakistan had to wait for this moment and now the airline welcomes all of them onboard.

Final Words!

It is important to keep in mind that you must follow all the rules and regulations that both countries have issued to prevent the COVID-19 spread whenever you book online airline flights from Islamabad to London. Not only will it help you to keep yourself and your family safe but it will also ensure other people’s safety. Moreover, it will also keep you from all the unwanted situations that you don’t want to experience while air travelling from one country to another. We hope this guide will help you to plan your trip from Pakistan to London by booking British airline online tickets.


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