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PIA Special Flights Brought More COVID-19 Doses From China


Pakistan International Airlines has brought 5.9 million doses of COVID-19 vaccination to the country. Find more about this news here.

We all know that vaccination is playing the most prominent role in controlling COVID-19 across the globe. But it is tough for more populated countries to have enough vaccination doses. The same is the case with Pakistan, as a vast population is still yet to be vaccinated. But Pakistan International Airlines is playing its role to help the country's citizens in every possible way.

According to the latest news, multiple PIA special flights have brought more COVID-19 vaccination doses to the country. If you are still not vaccinated, then consider doing it as soon as possible to ensure the safety of yourself and the people around you.

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PIA Special Flights and COVID-19 Vaccination!

Pakistan International Airlines scheduled two different Special PIA flights to send to China. The purpose of these special cargo flights was to bring a new batch of COVID-19 vaccines to Pakistan. The number of doses in this batch is 5.9 million. The flights took off from the Islamabad International Airport to Beijing International, loaded all the vaccine doses, and returned to the capital on 7th September 2021.

This information is only about the latest batch, and the flights PK-6853 and PK-6852 were used for this operation. It is important to note that the Pakistan International Airline has successfully contacted similar programs to airlift the COVID-10 vaccination doses.

Previous COVID-19 Vaccination Batch!

Four different PIA special flights went to China in the previous program and brought back 12 million COVID-19 vaccination doses. The national air flag carrier's flights for that operation were PK-6856, PK-6854, PK-6853, and-6852. In that batch, the vaccine was Sinovac which is one of the most effective vaccines. The government is now urging all the citizens of the country to take their doses as soon as possible to control the danger of the virus’s spread.

Current Vaccination Situation in the Country!

If you don’t already know, then Pakistan International Airline has brought more than 63 million COVID-19 vaccination doses to the country. The national flag carrier has also conducted multiple programs, and so far, 49 special PIA special flights have been used for this purpose. The government of Pakistan has set the target to vaccinate at least 75 million people across the country by the end of this year. For the mass vaccination drive, the government uses multiple types of vaccines made in China, including CanSino, Sinovac, Sinopharm, etcetera.

Vaccination Driver in Pakistan!

In March of this year, the health authorities began a countrywide immunization push using about a million doses of Sinopharm vaccine supplied by China, beginning with older people and front-line healthcare professionals.

The country's government started with a primary focus on the community's elderly, typically those over the age of 80. Still, the vaccine is now being provided to anybody over the age of 18. On February 1, a military aircraft delivered the first Covid-19 vaccination cargo from Beijing to Islamabad.


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